A large percentage of Americans are struggling with some form of debt. From credit card and car loans to student debt and mortgages, there are many ways that Americans find themselves stuck in the pits of debt. Especially when inflation is out of control! I’m sure you feel the pinch, just like I do. Many people assume that the only way to escape from this pit is to pay back every single debt you owe.

The reality is that most people will not be able to pay off their loans in this manner. However, there are several debt relief options that you may not have thought about yet that could be just what you need.

My name is Chris Dutkiewicz. I’ve been helping Arizona clients get out of debt for over 14 years. Throughout my years in this business, I can tell you that some of the finest people get into unfortunate circumstances. Whether it’s a medical emergency, divorce or loss of a job, we offer a wide range of debt relief options for clients in Gilbert, Mesa, Queen Creek or Phoenix.

Below are 3 of the most common debt relief options clients may consider:



One of the main challenges facing someone who’s trying to pay off their debts is debts that come with high interest rates. Debt consolidation can help you in two ways:

You get to put all your debts into one account and this easier to manage

You get to eliminate debts that have high interest rates

Consolidating your debts doesn’t reduce the amount you owe. However, it can reduce the amount of money that you’ll pay back in total and can also result in smaller monthly payments.



Some people’s financial woes aren’t as bad as they seem. All they need is an informed person to advise them on how they can handle their debt problem. You can get this kind of advice from a credit counselor. Many organizations that offer this service are nonprofits, and you won’t have to pay anything to receive these services.

Counselors can also recommend a DMP or debt management plan. This helps to determine what you can pay, and they can also negotiate with creditors on your behalf.



Although many people have a negative attitude towards filing for bankruptcy, this is one of the most effective ways to handle debt when you cannot pay it off. Although this can have a very serious effect on your credit history, it will prevent you from struggling to service loans that you obviously can’t afford to.

For example, if you’ve lost your job and you have debts that need to be serviced, filing for bankruptcy could keep you from losing whichever assets you have left.

You can either file for chapter 7 or chapter 13 bankruptcy. Chapter 7 bankruptcy results in the liquidation of certain assets while chapter 13 bankruptcy gives you time to reorganize your finances. This gives you more time to plan how you’ll pay your creditors.


In short, you may be able to save your finances by considering one of these options. Speaking with a knowledgeable debt relief consultant could open up some possibilities you didn’t know you had.

While the process can be confusing and even embarrassing for some clients, DM Bankruptcy Law Group in Mesa is sympathetic and non-judgmental. Our compassion and sincerity set us apart from other debt attorneys in the East Valley. We want to help you get out of debt so you can get back to living. If you’re in Mesa, Gilbert, Queen Creek or Phoenix, contact us for a complimentary case consultation.

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