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Our skilled bankruptcy attorney has worked with clients from Phoenix to Gilbert file the right debt resolution for their situation. Some people have fallen behind on payments because the loss of job while others have experienced a medical emergency.

Regardless of your reasons, we evaluate each client’s circumstances before advising the proper bankruptcy filing. If you’d like to know which filing you should pursue, call us at (480) 528-7653 to speak with our bankruptcy attorney. The consultation is free and we have a no pressure business model.

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What Is The Right Bankruptcy Filing?​

~ Chapter 7 Bankruptcy ~ filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you can stop wage garnishments,  lawsuits, discharge credit card debt, debt from an eviction, debt from a repossession, older tax debt, pay day loan debt, and other debts.

By obtaining a bankruptcy discharge in Chapter 7, it means you no longer owe the debt you listed on your bankruptcy paperwork, as long as it was dischargeable.

Our lead bankruptcy attorney, Chris Dutkiewicz, will determine whether filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy is in your best interest or you should pursue a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. 

~ Chapter 13 Bankruptcy ~

A Chapter 13 bankruptcy is normally a 5 year or 60 month repayment plan of some, or in rare cases, all of your debt.

A Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Arizona takes your debt and applies federal laws to determine which creditors get paid based on a tiered system of priority and secured interests. 

That means that your car and recent taxes get paid, but your credit cards and medical bills may not be paid.  Those debts might be discharged. D.M. Bankruptcy Law Group, LLC. will assess your financial circumstances in detail and together we’ll determine the correct bankruptcy filing.

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