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How can a Debt Negotiation Lawyer Help?

At D.M. Bankruptcy Law Group, LLC in Gilbert, we are not a bankruptcy “mill”.  A bankruptcy mill is a law firm that files bankruptcies at a high rate and rarely looks for other options or won’t discuss other options at the free consult.  

Instead, you are made to feel like bankruptcy is your only option. In some cases, negotiating your debt makes more sense than filing bankruptcy. A debt negotiation lawyer can help you if you’re overwhelmed by credit card bills or hospital bills. If you live in Phoenix or Gilbert and want to know if debt negotiation is the right path for your situation, click the button below. 

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Are you a good candidate for debt negotiation?

Debt negotiating is a viable alternative for some people.  Usually, the ideal debt negotiation client is one who has one or two major debts, often credit cards, and already has a lump sum to negotiate with.  Perhaps they are using a tax refund or stimulus check. 

Debt negotiation clients who wish to ask a credit to take small payments over time are generally going to be frustrated.  Most creditors or collection agencies simply do not want to do this.  Some companies, such as a debt settlement company that takes all your creditors and puts them in a bundle and starts negotiating will not emphasize the fact that creditors can still sue you during this process.  So while a few will accept the $300 a month deal, the one that does not is the only one that matters.

Additionally, it is important to understand that debt negotiated down, outside of bankruptcy, is taxable income.

At D.M. Bankruptcy Law Group, LLC, we will not try to “sell” you a bankruptcy.  If debt negotiation is a better option, attorney Chris Dutkiewicz will tell you that and offer affordable options on how to get your debt negotiated down.

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